Santa Claus

Santa Claus please come on down
I want to fly with you
In your sled all bundled with toys
Please let me be with you
Up so high in wonderland sky
Counting the stars go by
See the reindeer six, seven eight
Oh, dear Santa, I can't wait

Let me come to Santa Claus Land
I could be your friend
Help you make those beautiful toys
And ask my mom to send you
Cookies and candies, puddings and cakes
Cherries and apples too
We could have such jolly fun
Just us two and Mrs. Santa
Hear me, Santa, if I can't come
To live with you in your house
Bring me toys, please, lots if you can
Especially a real live mouse
Trucks red or yellow, I really don't care
Boats or a plane would do
I like trains, a circus train
With animals from the zoo

Santa Claus, I promise to be
Thankful and good and kind
Help my mommy pick up my clothes
Brush every tooth, share with my friends
Not sit on the cat, not water the rug,
Not squish little bugs. . . . . .
Oh, Santa, I love you.

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