Muddy Mud Puddle Land

It's raining. It's pouring. Old man is snoring.
Bumped his head and he went to bed,
Couldn't get up in the morning.

Sun's out what a lovely day.
No more rain it's time to play.
Old man's sleeping but I'm all set
To go outside and play in the MUD!!!

* Mud, mud, mud, mud! Oh let's sing it again!
Mud, mud, mud, mud! Beautiful glorious mud!
I love mud on my nose and mud in my toes
And squished all over my hands.
We can be the royal kings and queens
Of the muddy mud mud puddle land.

Hey, come on down to my bakery,
I make the best pies in town.
Try some choco-mud cake
With some choco-mud frosting.
Best goodies you've ever found.
Well, my recipe's simple.
I'm not alone in creating my favorite sweet.
Mix earth and water in a big, big bowl,
And stir it with your feet!

* Chorus

Well, i can be the best clown ever
With mud, a dab on my nose.
Two on my forehead, a smear on my cheek...
Oops, it's all over my clothes!
I better hurry and get washed up
Before my mom gets home.
Come Brett and Kristy and Lynne and Bruce
And squirt me with the hose!

* Chorus

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