Joëlle's Lullaby

Soft little cuddly one go to sleep
Wee Willy Winkle's come, dimple your cheeks
Sandman is ready to sprinkle your dreams
With white velvet lambs in pastures of green

Lambs are a-jumpin', one hundred and one
Ponies are playing out under the sun
Lilies and ladybugs sway in the breeze
Flowers and butterflies cover the trees

Dimple your cheeks, dear, and close your eyes
Sandman has come with a big surprise
Gifts from the fairy queen dusted with gold
Love from your mommy and daddy who hold
You softly

1. I Love Life 7. Santa Claus
2. Sally Owl 8. I Want to be a Monster When I Grow Up
3. Dragon-Alligator jig-a-jing 9. Seasons
4. Me and My Horse With Wings 10. Kitty Ditty
5. Muddy Mud Puddle Land 11. Rainbow Love
6. Fairy World 12. Joëlle's Lullaby


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