* I love life, I love to love
I love the things that are from above
Mountains, flowers, bugs and trees
And sticky honey from the bees

I love books with Santa Claus
Soft furry kittens with downy paws
Jingle bells and candy canes
My green alligator whom I call James

I love horses, ducks and goats
Pigs and lambs with curly coats
chickens, roosters, the bear called Pooh
Sure wish my room could become a zoo

* Chorus

I hate spankings when I'm bad
Washing faces makes me mad
I like to spit whenever I want
But my mommy says I can't

I hate bed, I hate to sleep
I'd rather be a cat and creep
Stay awake all night and play
I guess being me is really o.k.

* Chorus

1. I Love Life 7. Santa Claus
2. Sally Owl 8. I Want to be a Monster When I Grow Up
3. Dragon-Alligator jig-a-jing 9. Seasons
4. Me and My Horse With Wings 10. Kitty Ditty
5. Muddy Mud Puddle Land 11. Rainbow Love
6. Fairy World 12. Joëlle's Lullaby


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