Me and My Horse With Wings

In my backyard I found a horse
Sleeping under a tree.
He yawned and smiled and bowed very low,
And nuzzled up to me.
"You're nice," he said, "so you can come,
And be a friend of mine.
I feel like flying, hop on my back.
We'll get along just fine."

* Up, up, just a smile away,
To catch up to the moon.
Up, up, just a laugh away,
We'll get there very soon.
Turning, flying, higher, higher,
Above the clouds and sky,
Me and my horse with wings,
We fly and fly and fly.

We traveled to far off galaxies,
Around the sun and back.
Treasures magic we found from afar,
And carried them in our sack.
Peace and brotherhood we found
Lost in a falling star.
Love and kindness we put in our sack,
From happy ones afar.

* Chorus

For the leaders of all nations,
We opened our sack up wide.

Peace, love and brotherhood,
Flowed out from all sides.
"Silly horse, and foolish child,
These aren't new gifts to us.
We love each other and strive for peace.
In us you really must trust."

My horse with wings looked all about,
And screamed with sorry fright.
The leaders of all nations were
Fighting with all their might.
Bombs from every country
Shattered the world with fear.
I mounted my horse with wings and sped
While shedding sorrowful tears.

* Chorus

My horse and I came back to a world
As black as black can be.
We sprinkled the contents of our sack
All over the earth and sea.
Children unstained from the world
Spread peace and goodness true.
This love in your heart can grow and grow.
It's really up to you.

* Chorus

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