The People

Hi! My name is Chris, and this is a picture of my mom Laurie Connable, and my sister Joelle and me when we were kids.

I Love Life is a collection of songs that my mom wrote for us back then. She drew on her own childhood, growing up in Hawaii. She decided to share I Love Life with everyone's kids, and it went on to became the favorite album of thousands of children—many of whom are now grown, and who want to share it with their own kids or grandkids.

To continue to celebrate and share I Love Life, we've made it available in CD and downloadable formats. There's also a booklet you can download and print out for your little ones.

I Love Life credits:

Laurie Connable - songs, lyrics and vocals
Bruce Connable - vocals
Jerry Alderman - bass guitar and arrangements
Verlon Wyman- guitar and vocals
Mark Zarlengo - piano
Kit Aufry - drums, percussion and vocals
Judy Snook - harp and vocals
Rick Reeder - harmonic
Sue Groat - flute

Karen Welsh - CD back and label photography
Doug Franklin - Cover Photography -
Coleen Takemoto - I Love Life Logo design
Laurie Connable - Cover Illustration
Chris Lozac’h - Package Design
Bruce Brandfass - Produced and Engineered