Hi there!

My name is Chris, and I fix Macs.

I help you get the most out of your Apple computer, iPhone, and wireless network.


I loved working with chris! He asked all the right questions, took meticulous notes on what he did, and shared with me the results of what he did in a totally clear way. close quotation mark
—Miki K.
Before doing tutorials with Chris, I was afraid of computers. Now I'm using my Mac to create custom greeting cards and to video chat with my granddaughter 2500 miles away! close quotation mark
—Laurie C.
My husband and I met with Chris in Hawaii. Within minutes, he had given us a wonderful tour of our new MacBook with a calmness and clarity perfectly matched to our level of interest. He then gave my husband some instructions that freed up 25% of our hard drive!

Now we're back home in Australia and Chris is still helping us thanks to screen sharing in iChat. It feels great to know that we can get help from someone we trust without leaving home. close quotation mark
—Leone C.
Chris has been helping me troubleshoot Mac hardware and software issues for years. From patiently walking me through the installation of an internal hard drive to teaching me how to use the personal finance program, Quicken, he's got expertise and communications skills that anyone could benefit from. close quotation mark
—Trevor T.
I do the finances for BayNVC. Chris listened to my gripes about our main budget spreadsheet and made me a new template that is not only more visually appealing, but also updated and locked the formulas so that there's far less chance for human error.

His attention to detail really helped, plus Chris is a good listener and can explain things well. He does not mind explaining more than once if necessary. close quotation mark
—Carol B.